Tibialis Posterior muscle

Origin of Tibialis Posterior

Posterior aspect of interosseous membrane, superior 2/3 of medial posterior surface of fibula, superior aspect of posterior surface of tibia, and from intermuscular septum between muscles of posterior compartment and deep transverse septum.

Insertion of Tibialis Posterior

Splits into two slips after passing inferior to plantar calcaneonavicular ligament; superficial slip inserts on the tuberosity of the navicular bone and sometimes medial cuneiform; deeper slip divides again into slips inserting on plantar surfaces of metatarsals 2 - 4 and second cuneiform.

Muscle Action/Function of Tibialis Posterior

Principal invertor of foot; also adducts foot, plantar flexes ankle, and helps to supinate the foot.

Arterial (Blood) Supply of Tibialis Posterior

Muscular branches of sural, peroneal and posterior tibial arteries.
tibialis posterior muscle, action, muscle picture

Tibialis Posterior Video

Tibialis Posterior muscle

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