Splenius Cervicis muscle

Origin of Splenius Cervicis

Spinous processes of T3-T6.

Insertion of Splenius Cervicis

Transverse processes of C1-C3.

Muscle Action/Function of Splenius Cervicis

Bilaterally: Extend the head & neck, Unilaterally: Lateral flexion to the same side, Rotation to the same side.

Arterial (Blood) Supply of Splenius Cervicis

Transverse cervical artery and occipital artery.
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Splenius Cervicis Video

Splenius Cervicis & Capitis Muscles

Please feel free to ask your question about splenius cervicis muscle in the comments below (stretching, antagonist muscles, trigger points, release techniques etc.).We will try to find the appropriate information as far as we can.
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