Peroneus Tertius muscle

Origin of Peroneus Tertius

Arises with the extensor digitorum longus from the medial fibular shaft surface and the anterior intermuscular septum (between the extensor digitorum longus and the tibialis anterior).

Insertion of Peroneus Tertius

Dorsal surface of the base of the fifth metatarsal.

Muscle Action/Function of Peroneus Tertius

Works with the extensor digitorum longus to dorsiflex, evert and abduct the foot.

Arterial (Blood) Supply of Peroneus Tertius

Anterior tibial artery.
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Peroneus Tertius Video

Peroneus Tertius, Brevis and Longus muscles. Also known as Fibularis T., B. and L. This video is in German but the mechanics of motion is seen very nice.

Please feel free to ask your question about peroneus tertius muscle in the comments below (stretching, antagonist muscles, trigger points, release techniques etc.).We will try to find the appropriate information as far as we can.
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